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The following three properties share a common reservation, deposit and exchange facility. Member Services assists members with all aspects of their holiday entitlement use.
  1. Bayview Apartments - Phillip Island, VIC
  2. Manly National Apartments - Sydney, NSW
  3. Golden Leaf Apartments - Caloundra, QLD

Site management and control, unit and owners time entitlement records; accounting and recording functions are also shared for cost efficiency. Income is derived from maintenance fees and additional bonus time booked by owners and their guests. The expenditure of all funds is detailed in the audited annual report that is issued to all members.

Members of Eastcoast Vacations are owners of one or more shares and may arrange to:

  1. Make a reservation and take a holiday at Bayview, Golden Leaf or Manly National Apartments.
  2. Deposit time assigned by Central Management in an affiliated exchange company.
    Click here to read or print the Owners handbook.
    Click here to read or print Eastcoast Vacations Limited Constitution

Can I join Eastcoast Vacations?
Whilst Eastcoast Vacations is a fully subscribed Trust, shares do become available through private sale by individual members or through the share repossession process.

To find out if shares are currently available please contact us.

Owners of shares in The Eastcoast Trust can pay annual maintenance levies online by logging in to the members only section of this site.  The maintenance levy for the 2019 calendar year is $765.00 per share.

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